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Our Mission


Midoricast is a podcast project of “The Podcast Factory Org” ASBL-VZW in collaboration with “transforma bxl”

Download the pdf presentation:

Concerning our flyers

If you receive a paper version of this presentation or if you print it:

  • ENG: We invite you to forward this document rather than throw it away when you finished using it: thank you
  • NL: Wij nodigen u eveneens uit om eens u dit document niet langer kan gebruiken het door te geven aan een andere geïnteresseerde in plaats van weg te gooien: dank u
  • FR: Nous vous invitons à transmettre ce document plutôt que de le jeter quand vous n’en aurez plus l’usage: merci


Connect, share & inspire.

  • Connect citizens and organizations who are passionate about a more sustainable & planet-respectful way of living.
  • Share positive stories, initiatives, and ideas that contribute to making our world better.
  • Inspire others to connect, share, and help build the world of tomorrow, the world of our children.

For Who?

Any passionate citizen or organization willing to help us fulfill our mission: connect with others, share stories and ideas, and inspire our community.

Our values:

  • Respect: We embrace each individual’s uniqueness and honor diversity.
  • Transparency: What you see is what you get. We create dialogues.
  • Agility: We constantly adapt ourselves and find the best ways to carry out our mission.
  • Community: We share and promote sharing. Together we are better. Together we are stronger.
  • User-Friendly: We go for fun, sharing & learning. So keep cool and no pressure.

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